Welcome to Organic Farm to Home – an organic food home delivery service that will revolutionise your organic grocery shopping. We are a certified distributor of organic produce and have contracted certified farms for fresh seasonal local and exotic produce!. We also procure from certified farms in an around Gurgaon/Haryana! We provide superior quality vegetables and fruits at your doorstep; enabling you to eat well without having to rely on your local vegetable vendor. We also offer organic pulses, cereals, oils, juices, poultry and aim to become a one stop shop for all your organic needs!!

Products Overview

Want to pick some farm fresh organic food? Then Organic Farm to Home is the place for you! We take pride in bringing to our customers the widest range of quality organic products which includes fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices organic pulses, cereals, poultry, ready to eat and more! We offer products by 24 Mantra, Nature Organic, Organic India, Benefit etc!  

Special Offers

Feeling overwhelmed by our huge variety of organic products? We suggest that our baskets and salad combos are the best way to truly experience the best of seasonal produce! Give us a budget and we’ll create a bundle of fresh produce best suited for you!

From the farm to your table

We're different

At Organic Farm to Home, we want to empower the customers by bringing to them the very best handpicked produce from our farms. We promote eating nutritious organic foods and therefore produce and source exactly that! All our farms are organically certified ensuring that our products are enriched with invaluable oils and natural antioxidants. Our organic food also tastes better and improves your immune system in the long run! Lastly, since we deliver fresh seasonal produce right at the customer's doorstep, we save the customer's time and energy by minimising their effort to search for organic produce.

Buying organic food promotes a less toxic environment for all living things.